Stana Kimball


Stana Kimball, a native of the Czech Republic, is a Washington, DC-based visual artist and attorney.

Artist Statement:

There is an eternal conflict between our desire to remain genuine and act according to our emotions and instincts, and the surrounding pressure to follow social norms and behave as society expects. This cognitive dissonance causes mental discomfort, a feeling that we are painfully aware of our inability to be who we really are. While we constantly seek to eradicate this discomfort by conforming to generally condoned behavior, at the same time we fight intuitively not to lose our identity.

My art explores human forms of subconscious disturbance, manipulating them, and placing them in positions to manifest this internal struggle, while antipodal materials, colors, and images are paired to amplify the resulting feelings of mental uneasiness.

Group Exhibitions:

January 2019 Open Exhibit, Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, Judge Mark Strandquist (January - February 2019)

Open Regional Juried Art Exhibition, the Hill Center Galleries, Washington, DC, Judge Claude L. Elliott (June - October 2017)

Mini MAX, Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, Judge Raye Leith (November-December 2015)

Casting Call, Stone Tower Gallery at Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD (August 2015)

Hang the Lawyers, Washington ArtWorks, Rockville, MD, Judge Missy Loewe (April 2015)

Bold Expressions 2014, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Sacramento, CA, Judge Robert-Jean Ray (September-October 2014)

Kafe Bohem, Washington, DC (October 2012 – October 2013)

Artomatic, Washington, DC (May – June 2012)